6 thoughts on “What is Astrocomix?”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed issue #1 lots of humor and wit, an accurate criticism of the state of the industry and a feast for the eyes. Phenomenal Good Girl Art! BRAVO! Right up there with legends Matt Baker, Dan DeCarlo & Wally Wood.

    I definitely should make a comic decoupage short box featuring Die Kitty Die (see my blog).

  2. Just preordered your Deluxe Hardcover on the recommendation of Marty Boruta. Seriously wanted to contribute to your Kickstarter campaign but I cannot say I enjoy .PDFcomics…it is the Luddite in me. Perhaps at some future Con I will be able to get you to Archie-fy my two children. Looking forward to seeing the book in print in July!

  3. Hi, there!

    I’m a teacher who runs a graphic novel club. I’d love if if you’d consider donating some DKD books to us in exchange for my promoting you to a famous local comic shop here in Brooklyn. Maybe we can also arrange a Google Meet event to help promote you.

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